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Armenia FZE was established in 2004. The company is the exclusive dealer of ARMENIAN NATURAL STONE, the highest quality natural stones from the great mountains of Armenia. ARMENIA FZE offers wide selection of products ranging from the highest quality natural stones read more about armenia FZE natural stone supplier UAE.

Travertine stone

About Armenia

One of the world’s oldest civilizations, once included Mount Ararat, which according to the Bible, Noah’s ark rested on after the flood.Armenia was the first country in the world to officially embrace Christianity as its religion( c. A.D.301). 1991 23 September Armenia declared its independence from Soviet Union. Since 1991 the structure of Armenian’s economy has changed. Armenia has registered strong economic sectors: construction, agriculture and industry. Armenia starts exports and imports with Belgium, UK, Iran, USA, Russian, Italy, UAE, Ukraine.Armenia has many natural resources: gold, zinc, alumina, stone and etc.The country’s main resources are stones: Tuff( 5 types of tuff), Basalt, Travertine and etc.


Our Quality Products

As armenia is known for its natural stones’ resource we bring that quality of natural stone to UAE and middle east, we provide almost all the known and trending natural stone such as

Felsite Stone

Felsite is volcanic rock, which crystallises from silicate minerals. Typical felsite rocks include granite and rhyolite.Felsite is fine grained but not glassy.It’s high in silica or felsic, typically consisting of the minerals quartz, plagioclase feldspar and alkali feldspare.

Basalt Stone

Basalt stone is charactered by its good sound insulation and non radiation.Compared to the familiar granite of the continents basalt ( ” ba-Salt”), poor in silicon and aluminium-bearing minerals, high density and contains very small crystals.The territory of Armenia is very rich in Basalt.

Tuff Stone

TUFF (from Italian “tufo”) is a type of rock, consisting of consolidated volcanic ash ejected from vents during volcanic eruption. Tuff is beautiful volcanic rock that comes in many different colours… Tuff is a high quality stone with a colours that doesn’t change regardless of weather conditions ( hot, cold, rainy or dusty).

Travertine Stone

Travertine is a natural stone product. Minerals that make up travertine are highly reactive with acidic solutions.The stone is generally solid but has pore spaces and fossils that give the stone character.Travertine can have following finishes, polished(shiny), honed, brushed which make the stone flat and smooth.The most common finish for travertine is honed.Travertine has been used in the construction of buildings for thousand of years.

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